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The Canine Club

Chris Kent

Tandridge District Council

5 Stars


- Bernese Mountain Dog

- Boxer

- Old English Sheepdog

- Schnauzer

- German Shepherd

- Poodle Crosses

Our Aim: To breed the healthiest and happiest puppies possible. Our wish is for our puppies to be well adjusted, loyal and faithful additions to families up and down the United Kingdom and abroad.

Where applicable, we DNA test our dogs in addition to vet checks as part of our diligent surveillance to keep any problems to an absolute minimum

We allow families to visit us by appointment only to confirm our high standards and purpose built facilities at our kennels.

We receive a full annual inspection, unannounced spot inspections and are audited by the council to keep our ongoing breeding licenses. 



01342 457 090

Cezarblue Kennel

Charlie Swanston

Waverley Borough Council

5 Stars


- Dachshunds

- Doberman

- Labrador

- Beauceron

Cezarblue is a 5-star licensed and vet-inspected breeder of health-tested dogs. If you're looking for the best puppies to bring home, look no further than Cezarblue.

At Cezarblue, we offer a selection of pedigree health tested dog breeds that come with a lifetime of support, so even as a first-time owner, you can be confident in your choice.

Exclusively choosing some of the most popular breeds, our selection of dogs are pedigree registered and recognised by the FCI, RKF & Kennel Club. All of the puppies from our Surrey farm are bred from extensively health-tested parents with showing and working champion bloodlines.



07742 228 739

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