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Purebred and Crossbred dog breeds Welcome.

We only list Professional Licensed Breeders across the UK.

All listed Breeders have had to show proof of Licence in order to be approved onto our elite network. 

"Anyone breeding three or more litters and selling at least one puppy in a 12-month period will require a dog breeding licence. If you or your business breeds dogs without a licence you could go to prison for up to 6 months or get an unlimited fine."

(The Animal Welfare Licensing of Activities Involving Animals England Regulations 2018). 

A License is issued by their respective local authority after a series of checks have been carried out and passed.

Always buy your puppy from a Licensed Breeder.

Buying a Puppy from a Licensed Breeder ensures you will recieve a puppy who is healthy and who has had the best start in life, this will help to prevent future illnesses and behaviour problems. Licensed breeders have a strong focus on high welfare standards, this gives the puppies they produce the very best chance of living a healthy and long life. They only breed from dogs that have been screened and tested for health conditions specific to that breed. 

PDBUK is the most responsible platform for finding a puppy and for advertising puppies, as we only accept Licensed Breeders and work closely with the local authorities in the UK. Each Business has to provide proof of their License during the Registration process, so you will not find any fake sellers on this network. 

Reasons to buy your Puppy from a Licensed Breeder

Licensed Breeders are licensed by their local authority and given a star rating. Licensed breeders have their premises and dogs inspected regularly by their local council, and inspected by a vet. The welfare of the dogs and puppies is inspected and regulated by the government and authorities with inspections. These high standards guarantees you will receive a puppy of quality and of good health.

Veterinary Surgeon Approved all puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, de-flead, and wormed. Each puppy is given an individual examination by a vet prior to being approved for sale to its new home. The licensed breeders do everything in their power to ensure you have a healthy puppy.

Parents are Health Tested and passed a screening scheme. These breeders have been breeding puppies for years, so they have years of experience and training, puppies are therefore healthy and fit for purpose. Having the passion for being a dog breeder, the puppies are bred with love and the utmost care.

Puppies are reared in a home environment, this is part of their vital stage of learning. Licensed breeders have years of experience and training, so give your puppies the stimulation and enrichment they require during their first 8 weeks of life, giving your puppy the best start in life. 

A Licensed breeder will arrange viewings for you to view mum or both parents, meet the breeder and the rest of the litter. They will want to make sure their puppy is going to the best home, so they will ask questions about your lifestyle and past dog experience. A Puppy Contract will be included by all professional businesses. 

Puppies do not leave a professional breeder until they are 8 weeks of age. After care service is provided by all licensed breeders through a puppy pack and contact, they support you throughout choosing your new best friend and do everything possible to make sure you know and understand how to love and care for your new puppy.

Licensed breeders are entrusting new owners with their puppies, they only want the best for them, and if things do not work out they will not refuse to take their puppy back. They have a lifelong commitment and care to the dogs they breed, the puppies welfare is always their highest priority. 

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Our complete range of dog breeding courses empower ethical dog breeders to breed, whelp and raise better puppies. Our courses cover: breeding, pregnancy & whelping; puppy socialisation for breeders; puppy profiling; early puppy training for new owners; breeder paperwork including schedules, routines and monitoring for healthy, happy pups.


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We empower breeders and buyers through education, elevate breeder capabilities with software, and enhance animal welfare through ongoing support.

Our Licensed Breeder Membership supports and advocates for dog breeders regulated by local authorities across the UK. We recognise your dedication to maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare and ethical breeding practices, often overshadowed by unethical puppy mills and unlicensed breeders.

Our network aims to change this narrative, providing a unified voice and robust support system for those committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and ethical breeding practices.


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